Sunday, June 20, 2010

If it isn't your job, zip it up!

Take a look around you. Peer beyond the walls of your box & into your neighbors'. Can you see what they're doing? Do you know exactly what he/she is typing into their computer?

Chances are, you'll see an open window, internet or office, & that's about it. You might recognize the Facebook window popping up once a while. Or that Yahoo messenger buzzing a few times in a minute. But you don't actually see what's really been running on their machine 8-5. (Unless of course you're in the same class as Mr. Dense! Refer this)

So, can you say you know your colleagues job beyond their said work scope? Do you know exactly how many percentage their contribution towards completing, say, a report or even a proposal? Do you know precisely if that junior sitting across your cubicle has lesser or easier job to do, or that senior who constantly check up on you has a tougher job to handle?

Now put on your thinking cap & give it a deep thought. Chances are, you don't know exactly what that person you're scrutinizing is doing day in & day out. You can't represent that person in promoting or demoting them to anyone because YOU JUST DON’T KNOW!

So I was naturally pissed when a colleague who was getting all chummy with the new boss started practically listing down for him about who does this or that at the office when she doesn’t know all the details. This person really rubbed it to my face by even stating to the boss about how LITTLE my contribution towards a certain project is. I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THAT PROJECT FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS. I HAVE BEEN PROMOTED BASE ON THAT PROJECT.

To all workers out there, please don't try to outrank your peers by talking (shitting actually) your way through.

If it isn't your job, zip it up!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alone, not lonely.

Ever walked into a cafe at lunch time to see a fellow sitting at a table having lunch by himself? His face sullen as he munches on his food. Once in a while you'll notice him stare at the surroundings for a few seconds then return to his food. Ever felt sorry for that guy?

I don't. I am that guy. & you should keep your distance.

That person having lunch ALONE is not friendless. Does not have BO issues, & isn't an embarrasment to society. That person is perfectly fine. Quit feeling sorry & quit staring! He looks sullen cause if he smiled through out lunch, men in white coats will be waiting at the door. He looks up once in a while cause he doesn't want a neck cramp.

Most lunch time, I like to sit ALONE at a cafe or restaurant. I love some quiet time for myself to just enjoy my own company & what ever I'm chowing down. It's not the quietness from sound that I crave, cause eateries are very (very, very) noisy. It's the quietness from people talking to (sometimes at) me.

Having lunch ALONE is my way of getting as far away from nagging problems. Not my problems, but my friends. Notice how all the stupid relationship problems comes out at lunch time? Don't believe me? During today's lunch, you go seat youself next to a bunch of ladies eating together then eavesdrop on what they have to say. If I am wrong, most probably that moment they're more interested to discuss what their kids are up to (e.g. 1st swear word, location of tantrums, breast pump malfunction, etc.).

Anyway, there was once when I was quitely enjoying my McDonald's Ayam Goreng Spicy, a lady (who was rather ignorant of my situation) placed her food tray on my table & sat down. She said, "I couldn't find a place to sit." I was boilling mad at this intrussion of my happiness, but smiled politely anyway, picked up my tray, & sat at the bar stool to continue eating. You can have my table, lady, but you ain't getting my 'moment'.

Some of you might find my action rude, to me though, she was rude. I wanted to be ALONE. She doesn't get that because she's LONELY. In her desperate attempt to not be seen eating ALONE, she intruded my space. What she doesn't get (what a lot of people don't get), is that being on your own doesn't make you a loser. Losers are people who can't survive standing on their own 2 feet. They constantly need 'support'. A sad requirement that was inherrited way back since highschool. People, please grow up!!

If you're in a clingy click, remember one thing, you can't take your friends to your grave with you. (Unless you're burried in a mass grave, but then again, you don't have a say about whom you'd like beside you.)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Two Cents (10/06/2010)

At the mall near my office:

1. I looked down to the centre court of the ground floor, where there's a perfume promotion going on. The promoters were eagerly trying to get passers by to test the perfume. These promoters were actually beaming ear to ear. Passers by just pass by. Some even went out of their way to avoid the promoters. The promoters are still beaming.

2. In the grocerry store, a shop assistant sits in a box. It's 1m x 1m, & 1.5 meters tall. You can just see the top of his head. The box is made out of shelves that displays expensive chinnese herbs. He's job is to assist herb buyers.

I'm back at the office feeling:

1. Grateful. I have a job that doesn't require me to smile so much.

2. Grateful. I can streatch my legs when I'm sitting in my box. It's 3m x 3m.

3. Very grateful. My box is not made out of shelves displaying herbs.

Today I'm a bit more grateful.

Sent from my Nokia phone

Fly away now.. Right now!

At the very moment I'm typing this, there's a fly hovering behind me. It's been that way for a few minutes now. I try to ignore it. I don't want to be distracted by it. But the longer I keep my silence, the more agitated I become. For the fly is still hovering on my back.

Fly away now, fly. You make me really uncomfortable. I could just swat you with the badminton racquet lying under my desk. But my oh my. We don't want that to happen, do we. Cause, if it does, you'll be seriously injured (& I'll be content) & I'll get sent to anger management as well as the jail, should you decide to press charges against me.

Lucky fly to have such previlleges. The fly is human after all. The annoying kind. They come up to you with nothing to say. They just stand there and stare into what ever you were doing.

Just stand & stare.

Invading that thing called your privacy. Taking over your personal space. Breathing down your neck for no apparent reason. Why?

I've tried shooing it away. I gave him the blank stare, the death stare & even the bitch stare. I even asked him directly, "What do you want?". They just don't work. He's not bothered with the fact that I'm annoyed. He probabaly doesn't GET IT! Thus, this nickname for him: Mr. Dense! (& that's me being nice)

Got your own fly at the office? If you don't, please take mine :-D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sometimes, some things can't be screamed out loud. So, what should you do?
Write a blog!!!

This is exactly what I'm doing right now. I'm stuck in an office with so much non-work-related things/ruckus/drama going on, yet I can't be ranting bout it in the open. (Hey, I have no plans on losing any charisma at the office so early in my career. I've only been enjoying work life for a tad bit more than 3 years. I need all the good graces here :-D)

Today's rant rage theme is: SCANDAL!!!

According to my handphone's dictionary, scandal means: something that is considered shocking or disgraceful.

The scandal that I'm talking bout here, the one that has been plaguing the office since offices were invented, is the silly love game people play in their office past time. The love affair between people that shouldn't be in a love affair together.

I guess it's the thrill of going against the rules that sets people in motion. The excitement of being involve in a no-no. Or just perhaps the pride of having something to brag about other than the usual mundane office life, one like mine J

That one person with the mundane everyday life I'd like to rant about, is my next door (cubicle) neighbour.

Married for 6 years with two cute & cuddly kids, a steady career at the office and having no monetary issues at all.. unlike some of us (Me!), Mrs. Guthal still needs the high of being involve in a scandal. Not one, but a few scandals at once. I dare say she's a serial scandaler! Haha..

She brags about it. She'll repeat the same story to me about how that college ex is willing to leave his wife & kids should she get a divorce from her hubby. Then she'll tell me that she hates how he still isn't over her. But, what I find inconsistent in her story is the fact that she'll be talking on the phone (office phone!!!) with him for hours at a time. Hey, if you want a person to bug off, shouldn’t you NOT be answering his/her call at all? Trust me, it works that way. But that's just one guy she's scandalling with.

Then a few months ago, Mrs. Guthal, teary eyed, told me her husband is working on his own little scandal on a community forum portal. She got really upset. She also said that they had a major hubby-wife fight about it. She was totally devastated that he was disloyal to her. At that moment I feel like giving her a bitch slap, then tell her straight in her face,"DUH! Isn't that what you've been doing all along? Serves you right bitch!"

But, living in a peaceful Malaysian community where everyone respects each other, all I could do was offer my shoulder to cry on. Sungguh tak ikhlas.

However, ladies & gentlemen, Mrs. Guthal is not an atoned person. She's at it again, adding another scandal to her pride & glory wall of lust. Now she's secretly dating an officemate (Come on!!!). A married officemate. Married to an acquaintance. Sheesh..

The same modus operandi. She'll tell me how uncomfortable he makes her feel, how much she hates the fact that he's always trying to touch her when they're in a discussion (work related (?!!)). But, she'll waltz into his cubicle for chats. I thought she wasn't comfortable? And yes, they've been having lunch dates now. Even tea dates after 5. They'll text on weekends. Bluergh~

This time, I only have one word to say to her, "YUCK!"

If you find yourself in a scandalous relationship, try NOT to brag about it to your little officemate. I might be a good secret keeper, but I wont reserve any respect for you. Nope, I wont be crowning you Mother/Father of the year no matter how well you care for your family. Scandals just break that.

Go get a hobby. Start a blog! Hua3….

That is a story of only ONE scandaler at the office. There's many more. I guess people think I'm so sweet I don’t mind listening to their retarded love story. Kesian saya!