Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Otak Kecik.

Hari ni menyesal bace ohbulan.com. Why the hell did I visit that blog in the 1st place? I broke my vow of gossip web/blog abstinence. I'm ashame of myself. I regret it & will deffinitely do some soul cleansing by doing some thinking & self-reflection.

I did get 1 good thing out of reading the so-called entertainment blog. Not particularly good actually, but good for the thought.

I realised that there is so many orang-orang otak kecik yang menggelar diri mereka Muslim di Malaysia ni. PATHETIC... & sad :-(

So what do I mean by otak kecik? It's the complete opposite of open mindedness. They think that their religious knowledge is so good/high level, that they go hating on people just because that person is not in their circle of orang-orang otak kecik. Tolong lah jangan tunjuk pandai wahai orang-orang yang perasan diri tu alim.

Alim tu maksudnya berilmu. Kalau ilmu agama tu setakat "diwarisi" dari nenek moyang yang turut menggelar diri mereka Muslim, baik just zip your mouth. Refer these Surah if you don't get what I mean: 6:116, 5:104 & 17:36.

Tu lah dia orang alim kucing. Berkata-kata seolah bernas, tapi nas apa dia pakai? Nak kata dia berfikir dulu sebelum cakap, tak kan sedangkal tu pendapat yang dilontarkan. I can just twist their words, pastu mula lah menggelabah sebab hasil pertuturan tu tak ada bukti. Kan dah pening?

Kalau tak tahu, jangan cakap. Kalau tak tahu, sila bertanya. Dah lah alim kucing, bodoh sombong pula tu. Orang-orang macam inilah yg hidup dalam alam kayangan asyik dengan kisah konon-konon nya Islam masih gemilang di hari ini. Mereka ni lah yang menyumbang kepada kejatuhan Islam itu sendiri sebab mereka TAK BUAT APA-APA yet claim to be a Muslim because they pray tunggang terbalik 5 kali sehari semalam.


Wahai orang-orang yang merasakan diri mereka serba cukup, tak sedar kah sekarang kita dalam keadaan jahil? Tak percaya? Cuba tengok kondisi diri tu, lepas tu, tengok pula kondisi masyarakat sekeliling? Tak jahil begitu? Tolong jangan perasan alim!!!

p/s: Remind me to write about open mindedness & how a lot of these "modern" people wrongly interpret the term.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A few weeks ago, I was hooked on celebrity gossip sites. My 5 favourites are ohbulan, beautifulnara & rotikaya for my local celebrity dish and as for a dose of Hollywood, I go to TMZ & x17online. I log on to these sites without fail. I was addicted. I wanted to know everything that happens is Lala Land.

However, I got sick of it. I can’t blame it on the celebrities. I can’t expect them to live a role model life. Most of them are low lifers with hardly any intelligence but gifted with good looks & bad-ass attitude. The ones worth idolizing, you won’t find on these sites. If you don’t create a mess, you don’t create a headline. You’ll be considered a total bore.

Confession: I go to these sites because I want to know who’s having it bad so that I could get a good laugh & thank my parents for making me work hard at school.

I’ve been 2 weeks sober of any celebrity gossip sites. I don’t plan to go back. I don’t even have the urge to. Why? Bad writing & even worse comment posts. I could handle the terrible reporting, but add the hundreds of idiotic comments from other readers, I blew up! Most of the comments rage me on. I felt angry. Then I felt stupid. Stupid cause after a while I realized that I was made angry my anonymous people that are most probably as dumb as the celebrities they’re berating themselves.

I pulled the plug. No more visits to these sites.

I transferred my blog reading hobby to a different site. An anti-MLM site, aididmuaddib.blogspot.com. Educational & entertaining at the same time. As always, I love reading the comment post from readers. There always seem to be a small battle between the anti-MLMers versus the pro-MLMers. Shear entertainment.

A lot of “negative” comments state how much they despise the writing style. I’ve no objection with his style of writing. He is frank, honest & yes, obnoxiously rude. He has the biggest collection of cuss words. I don’t cuss. My parents don’t teach me that way. I’m also not influenced by friends to speak that way. Abah kata orang yang cakap guna bahasa kasar ni, LOW CLASS. So is the writer low class to me? I’ve no idea. He’s a phantom. But he sure makes it look that way, doctor or not. But then again, I also despise people who sweet talk their way around. If you have sugar pouring out of your mouth, you’re likely to be camouflaging a bad taste there.
Yesterday, however, I got sick of the readers’ comments. How on earth did that happen?

1. The pro-MLMers keep typing in the same statements over & over again. Not just to one article, but all articles! Same arguments, same defense, without even coming up with anything factual.

2. The pro-AIDIDers are doing the same thing. The difference, they’re smarter than the pro-MLMers, so they do come up with factual arguments. But it’s getting lame. They too, cuss like a sailor & get overly emotional. Guys, you’re anonymous, for goodness sake. Tak payah laa marah-marah tak tentu pasal! Gelak je, pihak lawan pasti lebih sakit hati.

3. The presence of so-called innocent readers who are” just starting to learn”. That kind of charm, don’t work on me, girl. I can spot an actress from a mile away. So pretentious. I have a feeling this nutcracker is going to be around for sometimes.

All 3 reasons killed the mood & my anxiety to wait for a new post by the writer. I’ll take a break from that blog for a while. I’m going to give it some time to change the game play. But will it? Aduhhh..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Parents Said;

1. Don't say anything if your words are going to make you sound like a drunk. Incoherent speeches are just a waste of time. You won't be able to get your message across & your audience aren't going to take you seriously. Ever heard of the phrase: "Cakap tu biarlah bernas.."
Nas really stands for Quran verses. So, meaning, when you speak, do it with knowledge.
2. Never argue with a drunk. Drunks don't understand what they themselves are saying. So, no, they won't understand a word you're saying.
3. If you want to sound smart when arguing, use a spell checker.. Done that? Now get a dictionary so that you use the correct words for your arguments. Or else, again, you won't be taken seriously.
Yes, this post is dedicated to NURUL.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Just wanna say..

.. that I totally hate backstabbers. Gosh, why is she sitting right next to me.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

I hate rude people at the office

I just want to say that I totally hate rude people at the office. I don't care about the schmuck driving like a maniac on the road. I can just ignore nosy & noisy neighbours. I'll just forget about that stuck up salesgirl who'll probably be stuck at that job the rest of her life.

But, of all the rude people I come across, I really, really hate rude people at the office.

Must be because 1/3 of my day is spent here.

Take me away babeh! It hurts to be trampled on.

Conclusion, most of my colleagues aren't fit to be friends with.

I hate rude people.

That Knife Wielding Bitch!

Ergh! I just can’t stand Mrs. Guthal. She isn’t just a cheeky slut but she’s also an annoying, back stabbing colleague. I hate the fact that we’re both seated in the same cubicle. There’s no way I can run from her.
Here, I’d like to blame the office management for not putting up a separating partition between us. I wish I was allowed to build one myself.

I’m tired of this pretense that I’m too stupid to be realizing what she’s doing to me.

But wouldn’t that be like running away? Would that make me a coward, a chicken, a pussy?
However, if I stay, I’ll suffer. If I fight back, it will only make me look bad in front of the other colleagues. While I don’t personally care what they say about me, career wise, it’s important. I don’t want to bury a shit hole for another.

In the mean time, doing my assignments is all I can do. And in between that, there’s Jobstreet, JobsDB, ect., ect. :-P


My rating this year sucks. I’ve always been those high flyers at the office. For three consecutive years I was the golden child. This year, I’m nothing.

What happened? I guess I’ve lost my appeal. I don’t shine anymore. Probably I’ve gotten rusty & didn’t realize it. No one wants to fight for me anymore. I guess no one remembers me today.
There’s no one to blame really. I’m not going to blame myself either. I’ve done nothing wrong. I did my work as usual, mingled the way I’ve always had & kept the image I’ve always projected.
Is that the problem? The fact that I’ve been the way I was since day one?
Should I morph just to spike up my ratings for next year? Will I be comfortable doing that? Or should I move to a new territory, be myself & hope that my old self will shine the new frontier?

I’m at a loss for words. No, I don’t want to blame anyone. That’s so typical & I’ve never been typical. I’m much better than that to be playing the blame game. I hate it when people do that. Blame the boss or colleagues for their own failures. I’ve always believe that every outcome of your life comes from you.

So, what’s next?

I don’t want to sulk. I guess it’s back to the earlier question, stay & polish or leave & discover?

Tough one!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New In Town

Pssst here.. Pssst there.. Pssst pssst everywhere..

That, my friends, are the sound of gossip mongers at the office. Their psssting get’s louder when there happens to be someone new in the office. It could be new managers, new tea lady, new executive or a new receptionist. In today’s case, it’s a new receptionist.

She’s here barely a month & the tears have started to flow. Owh dear, why so? How detrimental could her job, opening doors & answering phone calls be? I’m not here to criticize her job. I would love to be doing just that if I didn’t have too many commitments already. The problem here is the senior people at the office. Senior in work experience or duration at the office, but certainly not senior in mindset & behavior. They are definitely not the type of people you’d like to write this on their birthday card: The Older, The Wiser.

BS to that!

So what happened to poor Miss Lanky, the new receptionist? If she’s young & pretty then it would be about boys, boys, boys. Euwh, it’s disgusting to call them boys when those men are what we label as bujang terlajak here. Meaning confirmed bachelor-for-life-but-against-their-will. The perpetrator? Who else if it isn’t Sloppy Beast (this guy will certainly deserve an entry of his own!). There are even the cheerleaders. All nasty gossips have those irritating, knucklehead cheerleaders. They consist of ugly women in mid 30’s who happened to be spinsters.
I’m not going to write what the gossip is all about. It’s stupid & degrading. Why must the working environment at a posh office be marred by gossips? It’s not even entertaining. You might like to think so when you listen in on one, but what if you’re at the other end, the victim of gossips?

To gossipers out there, GET A LIFE!!! Find a hobby to distract yourself. You’re probably just bored with how your life turned out to be. I pity the gossipers. Every time I fall victim & get sad, I tend to compare my life to theirs. It makes me feel a whole lot better cause I realized how much better my life really is from theirs. I earn more, I look better, I’m much, much smarter & my life is way exciting. Yeay me!!!

To poor Miss Lanky, if you read this, those gossip mongers are mere dust floating in the wind. They make you sneeze once in a while, but that’s about it. No more than that. Blow them away, my dear!