Sunday, February 20, 2011

New In Town

Pssst here.. Pssst there.. Pssst pssst everywhere..

That, my friends, are the sound of gossip mongers at the office. Their psssting get’s louder when there happens to be someone new in the office. It could be new managers, new tea lady, new executive or a new receptionist. In today’s case, it’s a new receptionist.

She’s here barely a month & the tears have started to flow. Owh dear, why so? How detrimental could her job, opening doors & answering phone calls be? I’m not here to criticize her job. I would love to be doing just that if I didn’t have too many commitments already. The problem here is the senior people at the office. Senior in work experience or duration at the office, but certainly not senior in mindset & behavior. They are definitely not the type of people you’d like to write this on their birthday card: The Older, The Wiser.

BS to that!

So what happened to poor Miss Lanky, the new receptionist? If she’s young & pretty then it would be about boys, boys, boys. Euwh, it’s disgusting to call them boys when those men are what we label as bujang terlajak here. Meaning confirmed bachelor-for-life-but-against-their-will. The perpetrator? Who else if it isn’t Sloppy Beast (this guy will certainly deserve an entry of his own!). There are even the cheerleaders. All nasty gossips have those irritating, knucklehead cheerleaders. They consist of ugly women in mid 30’s who happened to be spinsters.
I’m not going to write what the gossip is all about. It’s stupid & degrading. Why must the working environment at a posh office be marred by gossips? It’s not even entertaining. You might like to think so when you listen in on one, but what if you’re at the other end, the victim of gossips?

To gossipers out there, GET A LIFE!!! Find a hobby to distract yourself. You’re probably just bored with how your life turned out to be. I pity the gossipers. Every time I fall victim & get sad, I tend to compare my life to theirs. It makes me feel a whole lot better cause I realized how much better my life really is from theirs. I earn more, I look better, I’m much, much smarter & my life is way exciting. Yeay me!!!

To poor Miss Lanky, if you read this, those gossip mongers are mere dust floating in the wind. They make you sneeze once in a while, but that’s about it. No more than that. Blow them away, my dear!

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