Thursday, February 24, 2011

That Knife Wielding Bitch!

Ergh! I just can’t stand Mrs. Guthal. She isn’t just a cheeky slut but she’s also an annoying, back stabbing colleague. I hate the fact that we’re both seated in the same cubicle. There’s no way I can run from her.
Here, I’d like to blame the office management for not putting up a separating partition between us. I wish I was allowed to build one myself.

I’m tired of this pretense that I’m too stupid to be realizing what she’s doing to me.

But wouldn’t that be like running away? Would that make me a coward, a chicken, a pussy?
However, if I stay, I’ll suffer. If I fight back, it will only make me look bad in front of the other colleagues. While I don’t personally care what they say about me, career wise, it’s important. I don’t want to bury a shit hole for another.

In the mean time, doing my assignments is all I can do. And in between that, there’s Jobstreet, JobsDB, ect., ect. :-P

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