Thursday, March 3, 2011


A few weeks ago, I was hooked on celebrity gossip sites. My 5 favourites are ohbulan, beautifulnara & rotikaya for my local celebrity dish and as for a dose of Hollywood, I go to TMZ & x17online. I log on to these sites without fail. I was addicted. I wanted to know everything that happens is Lala Land.

However, I got sick of it. I can’t blame it on the celebrities. I can’t expect them to live a role model life. Most of them are low lifers with hardly any intelligence but gifted with good looks & bad-ass attitude. The ones worth idolizing, you won’t find on these sites. If you don’t create a mess, you don’t create a headline. You’ll be considered a total bore.

Confession: I go to these sites because I want to know who’s having it bad so that I could get a good laugh & thank my parents for making me work hard at school.

I’ve been 2 weeks sober of any celebrity gossip sites. I don’t plan to go back. I don’t even have the urge to. Why? Bad writing & even worse comment posts. I could handle the terrible reporting, but add the hundreds of idiotic comments from other readers, I blew up! Most of the comments rage me on. I felt angry. Then I felt stupid. Stupid cause after a while I realized that I was made angry my anonymous people that are most probably as dumb as the celebrities they’re berating themselves.

I pulled the plug. No more visits to these sites.

I transferred my blog reading hobby to a different site. An anti-MLM site, Educational & entertaining at the same time. As always, I love reading the comment post from readers. There always seem to be a small battle between the anti-MLMers versus the pro-MLMers. Shear entertainment.

A lot of “negative” comments state how much they despise the writing style. I’ve no objection with his style of writing. He is frank, honest & yes, obnoxiously rude. He has the biggest collection of cuss words. I don’t cuss. My parents don’t teach me that way. I’m also not influenced by friends to speak that way. Abah kata orang yang cakap guna bahasa kasar ni, LOW CLASS. So is the writer low class to me? I’ve no idea. He’s a phantom. But he sure makes it look that way, doctor or not. But then again, I also despise people who sweet talk their way around. If you have sugar pouring out of your mouth, you’re likely to be camouflaging a bad taste there.
Yesterday, however, I got sick of the readers’ comments. How on earth did that happen?

1. The pro-MLMers keep typing in the same statements over & over again. Not just to one article, but all articles! Same arguments, same defense, without even coming up with anything factual.

2. The pro-AIDIDers are doing the same thing. The difference, they’re smarter than the pro-MLMers, so they do come up with factual arguments. But it’s getting lame. They too, cuss like a sailor & get overly emotional. Guys, you’re anonymous, for goodness sake. Tak payah laa marah-marah tak tentu pasal! Gelak je, pihak lawan pasti lebih sakit hati.

3. The presence of so-called innocent readers who are” just starting to learn”. That kind of charm, don’t work on me, girl. I can spot an actress from a mile away. So pretentious. I have a feeling this nutcracker is going to be around for sometimes.

All 3 reasons killed the mood & my anxiety to wait for a new post by the writer. I’ll take a break from that blog for a while. I’m going to give it some time to change the game play. But will it? Aduhhh..

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